Dry Cleaning Point of Sale

$395 Software Only

This months Special Reg. Price $995.00

State of the Art Point of Sale Cloud Or Local based Software. Unlimited Stations at no additional cost. Cloud version at $9.95 a month. Installed on any Windows XP, Windows 7 or Windows 8 System. Great on Windows 8 Pro Surface or any Windows 8 Tablet, Laptop or Desktop. (Compatible with Windows 8 or 7) With the Cloud Access your Store as if you are there from anywhere or install a local Server for you're shop or Enterprise. $395.00 (Training and installation fee) for Software Only and $9.95 a month for hosting and support.

* Or $19.95 a month with no Training/Install Fee

Dry Cleaning Point of Sale

Point of Sale Metro Tablet

Asus Tablet Windows 8 and Cloud based Point of Sale - $495 More.

$495 plus $9.95 a Monthly - State of the Art Point of Sale Cloud Or Local based Software. Vivaldi Metro Point of Sale Table Version. Runs anywhere there is internet. Add a Star TSP 100 Printer ($219) and you have a mobile POS System for a Store or Mobile Service.

Dry Cleaning Software


Vivaldi 8 Metro also works for other types of Stores: Fashion & Apparel, Sport & Outdoors, Clubs, Camps & Seminars, Food & Drink, Cafes, Tourism & Adventure, Home & Lifestyle, Dry Cleaners & Laundries, Alteration, Delivery Businesses, Hotel Valet Services, Loyalty Marketing, etc... Home Delivery Software, Delivery System, Dry Cleaning Software, DryCleaning Software, Vivaldi Systems, POS, Point of Sale Software,Retail Software, Route Software,Delivery Software, Delivery Services, Dry Cleaners Software, DryCleaners Software, Hotel Valet, Delivery Accounting,Store Software, POS Terminal, Electronic Cash Register, Cash Register Software, Store Software, POS Software


Dry Cleaning Software

Cloud or Not to Cloud

Cloud based - Your store data would be located on a Server located in the Cloud at a Hosting company. They make the database available to you anywhere in the world. They backup your data, manage your server and make sure it's available to you 24/7. You then can access your store anywhere in the world providing you have internet access. It's like being at the store from home, on the road, or anywhere. Change prices, run reports, look up tickets, see live producation data and Reports, etc... All for $9.95 a month. Never worry about the computer dying and lossing your data.

This option is great for absentee owners and multi location companies. If you have a plant and dry stores consider this option to keep your Enterprise connected.


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